Monthly Archives: January 2013

How businesses can benefit from IT recruitment specialists in South Africa

Every business owner knows that interviewing potential candidates to fill a vacancy can take a great deal of time. Partnering with an IT recruitment specialist like LA Intronet is an excellent way to find ideal candidates for vacancies and a great way to save you time and money. LA Intronet is a recruitment agency that specialises in finding high-quality people who are perfect for the job. LA Intronet specialises in recruitment for:
  • The finance industry
  • The IT industry
  • ERP software, including Sage, Oracle and Accpac
We pre-interview and pre-screen candidates before sending them on interviews to ensure that they are the ideal person...

The Story of Rice and the Cutter of Price – A Recruiters Perpective

Just imagine putting a business deal together - let’s say selling a bag of rice to the local supermarket. First you go in and have a look around. Where would your product sit on the shelf? Who is the competition? What’s the pricing like? How much better is your rice? Would your bag of rice sell? What are the habits of the shoppers? Ok research done. It all looks good. Now time to start talking. Only not today. The manager is out again. After a few visits you eventually get to see the Manager, who likes the product but can’t...