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Trending IT Skills: What are the latest valuable skills for IT Placements?

South Africa is currently facing a critical skills shortfall in the IT space, making it difficult for companies to complete IT placements. Some of the major areas where skills are short include application development, mobility and data analytics. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find employees with these skills. Changes in the industry, including cloud computing, big data and a move towards mobile solutions, are increasing the need for IT professionals to have new skills in addition to their traditional skill set. In addition to IT skills, many companies are looking to hire candidates with good communication skills, who are...

LA Intronet: 5 Benefits of having SAP Training on your CV

Many people pursuing careers in information technology are benefiting from SAP training. According to LA Intronet, having SAP training can boost your CV and secure you a high-paying job. More and more companies are looking to hire SAP professionals because SAP training provides IT professionals with the skills needed to perform in a competitive industry. SAP is a software system that integrates the different aspects of a company to allow for the easy transfer of information from different business units. The SAP database allows businesses to gain easy access to business information, including customer and employee profiles and sales...