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Skills Development for ERP: Companies should be investing!

Companies are increasingly being faced with a shortage of IT professionals with enterprise resource planning (ERP) skills as companies face the challenges of ERP implementations. In order to remain competitive, companies today need to choose ERP software that streamlines their business processes. However implementing these ERP systems requires specialised skills. Even the most skilled IT departments face challenges when implementing ERP systems. The gap between the skills of an IT department and the skills needs of a successful ERP implementation can prevent an organisation from realising the full benefit of advanced ERP systems. For this reason, it is important that companies...

Improving your Training ROI

Getting the Most Out of Your Training Budget Paul Hanly, Managing Director LA Intronet. Most businesses spend a great deal of money on training, but do they get the best return on their investment? I don’t know of any business that does not spend money on training. It is expensive yet essential, but are ways that you can get a better return on your training investment. How? By completing a realistic analysis of training costs, separate the need-to-know from nice-to-know, cutting out non-productive expenditure, evaluating delivery mechanisms and ensuring knowledge retention. Here are some steps to help guide you through this process....

Accpac ERP: Business Financials meet Highly Adaptable Intelligence

Sage Accpac ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution that streamlines business operations by integrating sales, marketing and finance functions. The solution is suited to companies of all sizes and can be deployed as a Web-based or desktop application. Sage Accpac ERP combines simplified business financials and highly adaptable intelligence, streamlining a company’s financial reporting and giving business leaders instant access to the business data needed to make informed decisions. In this way Accpac ERP ensures that business are streamlined and efficient while cutting operating costs and increasing business agility. Companies that use Accpac ERP achieve a competitive edge. Find...