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Sage ERP placements: What companies need your skills

Are you interested in finding a job in SAGE ERP? People with experience in this Enterprise Resource Management Software are able to simplify business financials, provide detailed business intelligence, streamline financial reporting and give business leaders instant access to important data in order to make the right business decisions. It may seem like your skills are limited to certain industries (such as the financial sector, mining and industrial companies and other large businesses), but many mid-sized businesses – across all industries – have started to implement SAGE ERP technologies due to all the opportunities that this software offers. Whether an organisation...

Why financial recruitment companies are excited about the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013

Whether you’re an economist, a financial analyst or a financial recruitment company in South Africa, the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013 should have you excited. This year’s forum marks the 23rd Forum and, under the theme “Delivering on Africa’s Promise”, this event promises to provide an important platform for regional and global leaders to renew commitments to a sustainable path of growth and development. According to the forum’s website, sub-Saharan Africa continues its transformative journey from a developing continent to a hub of global growth. The region has an expected annual growth of 5% and almost half of Africa’s countries have...