Monthly Archives: November 2013

Invest in bespoke and adaptive learning for your staff

No one person has the same cognitive and academic abilities, which forms the basis of the argument for adaptive learning in the workplace. Why should you plan your training around other’s plans and schedules? As the sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software adaptive learning solutions, our offering allows your staff to train and learn at their own pace. We are experienced in helping companies to develop and configure their systems to suit the training requirements of their companies. Through our long history of service, we’ve been able to learn a lot about the challenges faced by our clients and...

The Story of Rice and the Cutter of Price – A Recruiters Perpective

Just imagine putting a business deal together - let’s say selling a bag of rice to the local supermarket. First you go in and have a look around. Where would your product sit on the shelf? Who is the competition? What’s the pricing like? How much better is your rice? Would your bag of rice sell? What are the habits of the shoppers? Ok research done. It all looks good. Now time to start talking. Only not today. The manager is out again. After a few visits you eventually get to see the Manager, who likes the product but can’t...

How LA Intronet’s E-learning solutions can slash your training costs

Every company acknowledges the need for and value of effective training for their staff. However, it doesn’t come cheap. E-learning solutions from LA Intronet will change this and have already done so by becoming the sole regional representatives of a New Spring software. This innovative e-learning solution allows companies to configure a training system that will meet the bespoke requirements of their training demands. There are various ways in which this answer to internet learning demands will lighten the burden on your company and cut your training costs:
  • Cloud-based system: Because the aNewSpring software system is completely cloud-based, there is absolutely...