Monthly Archives: December 2013

Great Learning design is the key to success in Adaptive and mobile learning.

M-learning or Mobile Learning is still in its infancy with interest being driven by the exceptional growth in popularity of Smartphones and tablets. I am sure we will deliver m-learning to over a million learners in a few short years, just as we have delivered e-learning to a million learners already. As such m-learning presents a whole new set of challenges, but the change in medium doesn’t affect the key design principles we discussed last week Indeed such is the complexity and transformational opportunity of m-learning good design is even more important than before. Designers now have to deal with 3 differing...

What to consider when designing content for online adaptive learning

The view of e learning solutions has changed as many new innovative tools have become available. For many years, online learning was restricted to the conventional desktop PC but today you can take it with you wherever you go. It can be accessed across multiple platforms - and tablets and smartphones are making it easier for staff training to take place on the go. Adaptive learning is now about to revolutionise e learning solutions by personalising content to suit each individual learners needs. However, your adaptive learning experience will only be as successful as the content you’re offering. So,...

5 ways to increase your company’s staff training ROI

As more and more South African companies are adopting the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in their day-to-day operations, it’s no surprise that adaptive learning is leading to fantastic ROI on staff training. As tablets and other mobile Internet devices become increasingly affordable, online learning is becoming a viable option for many companies looking for effective, affordable staff training. Here are a 5 ways you can go about increasing your company’s training ROI and getting more value for your money through adaptive learning solutions:
  1. Train your staff anywhere: Class-based staff training can now be turbo charged by allowing staff to access their training...