Monthly Archives: March 2014

One Million Vacant Jobs!

According to a recent employment index there are very nearly 1 million vacant jobs available in South Africa. They remain unfilled because the skills are too hard to find!

We hear plenty about the unemployment problem in the media almost daily. The unemployment rate is currently around the 4,5 million mark or 25% of the potential working population. What astounds me is that nearly a quarter of that problem is only about lack of skill. It’s not all about a tricky economic environment. So what can employers do about this vast lack of skill? Quite simply – they have to be better at...

How Adaptive Learning Drives Productivity

With the growing reliance on the Internet, industries across many sectors are leveraging this valuable tool to constantly improve the way they do business. However, the education sector has not been doing so – until now. LA Intronet tells you how adaptive learning customises student learning and increases productivity. What is Adaptive Learning? As the name suggests, adaptive learning typically ‘adapts’ to a learners method and way of completing a course. In this process, the learner is constantly evaluated and the course shapes up in such a way that his/her knowledge shortfalls are worked upon. Thus, the concept of ‘one...

The Benefits Of Staff Training And Adaptive Learning Solutions

Many businesses are aware that investing in staff training and development can go a long way towards business best practices but have not yet been exposed to how the adaptive learning technique can enhance the learning process to bring real, measurable returns. Here are just a few of the ways that employee training and adaptive learning solutions will give your company the advantage:
  • Individual learning pace: It’s common knowledge that we all learn at a different pace and catch on to certain concepts more rapidly than others. Adaptive learning ensures that the content matches this pace for...