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How To Tell If The Adaptive Learning Solution Is Right For Your Staff Training And Development Plans

Top organisations invest a significant portion of their budget in staff training and development. As adaptive learning grows more popular, it is important to track the results of this training method to see if it is working for your organisation.

Progress to Expect From Adaptive Learning Solutions

The following are some of the benefits that you should expect when you invest in a high-quality adaptive learning solution: 1)    Higher quality progression: As this training method is designed to meet individual employee needs and progress at a rate at which they are comfortable, you should expect higher levels of knowledge...

Effectively Reduce Out-of-Office Time With Innovative E-Learning Solutions From aNewSpring

Staff training courses for employees usually result in a significant amount of out-of-office hours for your organisation, reducing output and costing your company in lost productivity. This is where e-learning solutions such as aNewSpring from LA Intronet can assist your business. What is aNewSpring and How Can It Help? aNewSpring is a cloud-based, big data-driven, adaptive learning solution that utilizes user data to improve knowledge retention and counter any learning and skills deficits employees may have. Using proven, advanced algorithms, knowledge gaps are identified and filled over the course of the learning process. The major features of the...