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Supporting candidates to succeed after placement

Making sure our candidates are successful employees is an important part of our business How candidates deal with the challenges of a new environment are often overlooked and can have a huge impact on the ultimate success in integrating into new positions and long-term retention. handshakeWe have worked closely with two very experienced coaches to develop a unique Executive Coaching Programme exclusively for our candidates. Depending on individual needs, Karen Miedzinski and Stefaan van den Heever will offer Executive Coaching to candidates who are placed in your organisation. This innovative value-add demonstrates LA Intronet’s...

Skills Development Act and the Levies Act

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FAQs related to the Skills Development Act and the Levies Act 1. What is the purpose of the Skills Development Act?
  • The short supply of skilled staff is a serious obstacle to the competitiveness of industry in South Africa. The Skills Development Act of 1998 aims to:
  • Develop skills for the South African work force;
  • Increase investment in education and training, and improve return on investments in those areas
  • Encourage employers to promote skills development by using the workplace as an active learning environment;
  • Encourage workers to participate...