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This Is How You Identify A-Players During An Interview

If you haven’t heard the term “A-players” before, don’t feel bad. Here’s a quick rundown — when it comes to people in the context of work, you can generally group them into 3 categories:
  • A-players: the top 5% of people. They work hard, go over and above, are well liked and respected and typically move “up the ranks” fast.
  • B-players: most people. They do the 9–5 thing, do their job well and are generally the “good not great” people.
  • C-players: the bottom 10%. They do just enough to scrape through, don’t volunteer to take on new projects, like (and cause) conflict and have little to...

The Top 10 Overrated Interview Questions

The job interview is essentially an established literary genre, like playwriting or screenwriting. Unfortunately, it’s also a genre that relies heavily on formulas and tropes. Every interviewer seems to pull from the same limited bag of prewritten questions. Rare is the interviewer who steps outside the box for even a moment!
In general, that’s a good thing. It’s much more comfortable for both an interviewer and an interviewee to have an idea of what to expect from one another when they sit down in a room together. Plus, wildly inventive interview questions might scare off a lot...