We specialise in Sage VIP placements

Sage VIP is the leading product in South Africa for payroll and HR solutions. LA Intronet recognises your need for quality Sage VIP staff, whether you are looking for a potential candidate or searching for your dream job. As a company trying to fill a vacancy, it takes valuable time out of your day when you have to interview candidate after candidate without finding the right person for the position.

LA Intronet specialises in Sage VIP placements, and is an excellent way to find high-quality people who have the skills and abilities that you need. Our placement specialists will work with you in order to understand exactly what type of candidate you need to fill the vacancy, and will deliver only the candidates that they feel best match your criteria. We pre-interview and pre-screen all the candidates that we will present to you in order to ensure that they have the abilities and skills that you are looking for.

LA Intronet is also the ideal partner for Sage VIP job-seekers, as our placement specialists can help professionally evaluate you and your CV, and save you time by cutting through hundreds of job offers to find you the right position. Our placement specialists work closely with companies to match skilled people with job vacancies for which they are qualified, saving you time and meeting your placement needs.

Why LA Intronet is the right choice for your Sage VIP recruitment and placement needs

We are a Gauteng-based company with a national footprint, giving you the widest range of candidates and positions possible.

LA Intronet are the ERP Placement specialists, working across a wide range of industries that include finance, IT, and administrative roles in everything from mining to hospitality, banking and retail.

LA Intronet has you covered at every level of your company, with positions that range from the executive level right down to the factory floor.

We employ a full time pyschometrist to help accurately evaluate potential candidates to discover their most suitable career paths.

Contact us today through our clientzone if you are trying to find the right person to fill your Sage VIP position. If you are interested in finding your dream Sage VIP job, please send us your CV to be professionally evaluated by applying online, and browse our selection of openings today.