How Adaptive ELearning is the Future of Good Business

Training staff is a necessary investment. Unfortunately, it can also be a costly, unproductive one. ELearning is a means of Adaptive learning that allows for this investment to be worthwhile, which is why more and more businesses in South Africa are turning to LA Intronet for their innovative, effective approach to staff training.

Different people have different cognitive comprehension levels, therefore so should the way they are taught. Yet with traditional staff training this is not the case. People are assembled together and taught at the same pace, regardless of who is following the topic and how much they understand. For this reason, the results are often disappointing. With  ELearning, LA Intronet has designed software that specifically addresses the problem and overcomes it effectively.

Adaptive learning assists staff to learn according to the level of their ability. They are able to learn at their own pace and, as a result, are able to learn more thoroughly.

Here are some of the advantages Adaptive ELearning has for staff knowledge retention:

  • By learning at adjusted paces, information is better retained.
  • Content is reinforced after course completion, allowing all the information to be refreshed. This assists in remembering it when it is needed.
  • Learning online means staff can access information at any time from anywhere. There is daily engagement that allows for more relevant and regular learning.
  • Daily processes can take on new meaning as they occur alongside ELearning, not isolated and in a separate venue.

A better staff-training process results in improved productivity. This is a guarantee. While professional, informed staff is a crucial aspect of any business, so too is saving money. Adaptive online learning does this in multiple ways. By stepping away from out-dated training approaches, businesses save money on training venues, out-of-office time and external facilitators.

Tablets and other mobile Internet devices are increasingly affordable in South Africa, which means makes ELearning even more accessible and affordable. In addition, course content is developed specifically for your company, making Adaptive ELearning a viable solution.

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