How To Tell If The Adaptive Learning Solution Is Right For Your Staff Training And Development Plans

Top organisations invest a significant portion of their budget in staff training and development. As adaptive learning grows more popular, it is important to track the results of this training method to see if it is working for your organisation.

Progress to Expect From Adaptive Learning Solutions

The following are some of the benefits that you should expect when you invest in a high-quality adaptive learning solution:

1)    Higher quality progression: As this training method is designed to meet individual employee needs and progress at a rate at which they are comfortable, you should expect higher levels of knowledge retention.

2)    Strengthens understanding: With adaptive learning, the course is personalised for each learner and concepts are broken down for more effective individual understanding. This provides learners with a greater confidence in their skills and enables them to apply new skills effectively in the workplace.

3)    Higher level of engagement: By utilising familiar Internet-enabled mobile technology through a one-on-one training programme, learners will be more confident and engaged with the training material.

4)    Working at customised paces: In a traditional classroom-based training, a trainer trains all employees at the same time – which means that every learner must learn at the same pace. However, it has been proven that different individuals have different speeds at which they grasp concepts. In contrast, adaptive learning ensures that each learner has his/her answers individually analysed in real time as they learn at their own pace. This will ensure consistent, well-rounded training results.

5)    Different levels of mastery: The software moulds itself according to each individual answer, allowing for more time to be spent on concepts a learner may be struggling with while spending less on concepts the individual finds easy to grasp. This will ensure that every individual on your team will be equipped with the necessary skills, regardless of the different abilities and skill gaps that were apparent previous to training.

If you would like more information on what to expect from an advanced adaptive learning solution, please contact us at LA Intronet today.

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