How Adaptive Learning Drives Productivity

With the growing reliance on the Internet, industries across many sectors are leveraging this valuable tool to constantly improve the way they do business. However, the education sector has not been doing so – until now. LA Intronet tells you how adaptive learning customises student learning and increases productivity.

What is Adaptive Learning?

As the name suggests, adaptive learning typically ‘adapts’ to a learners method and way of completing a course. In this process, the learner is constantly evaluated and the course shapes up in such a way that his/her knowledge shortfalls are worked upon. Thus, the concept of ‘one shoe fits all’ training is thrown out of the window!

How Adaptive Learning Increases Productivity

In an adaptive learning environment content a knowledge retention system integrates into a learner management system to reinforce knowledge retention through systematic retention. This advanced system follows the age-old adage, “Practice makes perfect,” while cleverly and continuously produces data that reports a clear picture of the learner’s knowledge levels.

By individualising content  LA Intronet’s aNewSpring adaptive learning software provides learners with personalised courses allowing them to excel. Used by a number of corporate trainers, its main features include a complete Learner Management System (LMS), online author environment and it even has web shop functionality so courses can be sold online as well.

Thus, as the key of adaptive learning is to increase learner efficiency and efficacy, this solution drives productivity in an organisation. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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