Adaptive Learning is Key to Significant Staff Training Returns – and Reducing Costs

It’s not surprising to hear that South African companies spend significant amounts of money on staff training – after all, our industries are positioned in a highly competitive local and global market where training is key to gaining that competitive edge.

Training costs, however, don’t necessarily translate to significant returns – and that’s where innovative adaptive learning software offers an exceptional solution. This is achieved by overcoming several of the biggest challenges to effective employee training, including:

  • The cost of courses from external providers
  • The cost of bringing in certified trainers and examiners
  • Lost productivity due to employees having to be out of office
  • Loss of skills while employees are away on training
  • Reduced decision making capabilities while key staff members are away
  • Inconsistent training results due to the inability to meet every individuals needs in a traditional setting

Our adaptive learning solution overcomes these challenges and more through innovative online technology that allows employees to train on customised modules and courses through any mobile Internet device.

This ensures that learning can take place wherever your employees are, at any time of day, rather than spending days out of office. The technology is individualised to meet each employee’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that learning is more targeted and effective than ever before and that knowledge retention is maximised.

Why you should partner with LA Intronet for adaptive learning solutions:

  • Your staff can study anywhere, at any time
  • Learning is focused on individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Software is accessible from any mobile Internet device
  • Course content is developed specifically for your company and industry
  • Staff training costs are significantly reduced

Independent Adaptive Learning with Full Reporting Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art adaptive learning solution isn’t just bringing your staff exceptional benefits, it’s also giving employers the capability of tracking and monitoring staff training results through detailed, automatic reporting functions.

By enabling employers to access real-time progress reports, each individual’s progress, engagement and skills development can be monitored and responded to quickly and easily.

Unlike traditional training courses where progress is only measured at the completion of the coursework, our online learning allows each staff member’s progress to be mapped and evaluated as they are moving through the module.

Employers will be able to see where employees’ strengths and weaknesses lie and monitor the course as it changes to assist different people in overcoming their skills barriers. This gives businesses the unique ability to measure the learning performance of each person over time, recognising the development of new skills and being able to position these employees to take on new and greater responsibilities.

As a result, adaptive learning is not just about creating a dynamic learning environment – it’s about creating a dynamic business environment where skills can quickly be evaluated, honed and positioned to create a stronger company team.

Why LA Intronet is your best option for effective adaptive learning solutions:

  • We are sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software
  • We offer assistance with configuring a system that suits the bespoke requirements of your company
  • Our many years of experience is at your service
  • We offer a complete cloud solution for added convenience
  • Our customer service is unmatched

Contact LA Intronet and make gaining this compatible edge your priority – and you’ll see the right results.

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