Adaptive learning – The perfect blend of learning and technology

Taking online learning to the next level.

In the past few years, information technology has grown at a very rapid pace and online learning technology has not been left behind. I have just come back from an exploratory trip to Europe and I amazed at the advanced learning technology now on offer at a fraction of the cost it was a few years ago.

Learner management systems are old news. Mostly they require expensive IT investment, considerable time wasting and usually need costly consultant support to help training staff and content designers upload all the necessary bits and pieces. Well that is now a thing of the past. SaaS and BYOD are the new buzz words in Europe. “Software as a Service” and “Bring Your Own Device” -the big merger of cloud based computing making online products available across all devices, on demand whenever you need them. No need for be tied into the corporate network, no software purchases, just manageable subscriptions or even better pay per use products.

Adaptive learning is probably the area that is growing the fastest. Adaptive Learning is data-driven and continually takes data from students and adapts their learning pathway to change and improve over time for each student.Knowledge gaps are constantly identified and course content automatically adapts, using complicated algorithms, to suit. That means a huge time saving as there is no need to sift through content that one already knows. A case study of a large Bank in Holland showed a 60% reduction in learning time over normal online systems. The pass rate was the same. The cost per module was only 30% of a traditional e learning system and far more people did the course.

There are only a handful of companies that offer true adaptive learning software, aNewSpring, based in Rotterdam is one of them and has recently been endorsed by the Bill Gates Foundation. It is clean, simple to use and uploading content is uncomplicated and quick. Also included in the product is a knowledge retention system that is cleverly used as part of the adaptive process. This is a real windfall for Training providers. Content can be uploaded at no charge. Very affordable fees only apply when learners are active. SaaS means no server or hosting costs either. It opens up all sorts of doors for trainers, like immediate access to an international market for their content.

LA Intronet has recently been appointed exclusive partners for aNewSpring in Southern Africa.

Follow the link below to get going without any cost at all. We are of course very happy to come and demo the product to you or do a live demo online.

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