The Benefits Of Staff Training And Adaptive Learning Solutions

Many businesses are aware that investing in staff training and development can go a long way towards business best practices but have not yet been exposed to how the adaptive learning technique can enhance the learning process to bring real, measurable returns. Here are just a few of the ways that employee training and adaptive learning solutions will give your company the advantage:

  • Individual learning pace: It’s common knowledge that we all learn at a different pace and catch on to certain concepts more rapidly than others. Adaptive learning ensures that the content matches this pace for each individual, overcoming the challenges of group training sessions where a few people in the room set the pace. Meeting individuals on their own level places exactly the right amount of time and emphasis on each learning experience to ensure maximum absorption of knowledge.
  • Accessible learning: Mobile Internet technology has created unique opportunities for learning. Your staff will be able to work on their training modules wherever they are, at any time of day. This not only suits individual learning preferences – as some people find studying at night easier than during the day, for example – but also ensures that your company does not lose productive time. Courses where employees spend days or even weeks out of office throws off schedules, vital meetings and deprives your company of valuable team members. With adaptive learning technology, this will be minimised or even reduced completely.
  • Adds value to your company: It’s well known that investing in your staff’s skills improves retention and creates a positive working attitude – and because adaptive learning teaches skills more effectively, conveniently and comprehensively, this value is increased as a result.
  • Reduced employee training costs: With traditional training, loss of productivity can cost your company dearly, as can the course itself. Adaptive learning requires no out of office time, no hiring of external trainers or excessive course fees – making it not only a more effective training process, but a more affordable one too.

As you can see, adaptive learning is about increasing the value of your staff training investment, thereby delivering a team of employees that are more comprehensively trained, have better working knowledge of their skills and a higher level of confidence in their abilities.

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