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Top 7 Tips for Setting Career Goals for the New Year

The New Year is always a time of new beginnings, a time for a change, and a time for setting goals. It's aldownloadways the time of year when many people start thinking about looking for a new job or considering a career change. In fact, January is the busiest job searching month of the year.

The New Year Is a Time for a Change

For those who are contemplating a job or career change, the arrival of the New Year is a good time to reflect on your past experience and think about...

Leadership VS Management : The 4 major differences

Management or Leadership...

What is the difference?

The traditional description of a Manager revolved around aspects like forecasting, budgeting, planning and controlling. Managers were taught to manage, not to lead. New supervisors and old school management veterans were taught how to assign work to subordinates, how to evaluate their teammates' work, how to counsel people on performance problems and how to hire and fire staff members. Everything we were taught about management assumed that the manager would know what to do and was calling the shots. Fast forward to 2017, a world of new age thinking, advanced technology, the rise of entrepreneurs and, of...

Where does ”career” and ”purpose” meet?

  LAIntronet At some point, we have all said a phrase that goes a little something like this: ''Oh no, it's Monday''... ''1 more sleep until Friday.''... ''Its Sunday, which means it's Monday tomorrow. Which means my weekend is over and I have to wake up to go to wooooork!!!" (Insert foot stomping here) We have all said this before. Whether it is a regular thing or a once in a while mental tantrum, we seem to associate work with a sense of obligation. '' I HAVE TO go to work''. ''I HAVE TO do this task''. Have...

Kick start your 2018 recruitment now

Can you believe it is almost time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a brand new year? As the last quarter of 2017 is upon us, it’s time for you to start gearing up for 2018 staffing strategies. Even though you may think you still have ample time for 2018 recruitment implementation, we as recruiters feel the need to tell you a little secret about a problem we see every year, time and time again… Next years recruitment needs to happen the year before. You don’t have time. The last quarter of the year is the most fragile time. I...



  You Have to Give It to Get It It doesn't matter RESPECT: You Have to Give It to Get It It doesn't matter whether it’s personal or professional; we all want to be treated with RESPECT. Many of us demand to be respected but don’t give respect in return. That is a huge problem. You can’t expect to receive what you are not willing to give. When dealing with human beings, many incidents or problematic situations could be eliminated if the individuals involved were treated with dignity and respect.   RESPECT IN THE WORKPLACE more