What can we do for you?

We are Sage, Finance and IT placement specialists dealing in both the permanent and temporary space.

We offer top quality, pre-interviewed candidates and supply our clients with a select choice of clear and easy to read CV’s.

We will conveniently and quickly find you outstanding candidates, whilst offering you professional advice on how best you can attract and retain quality people.

We also offer a cutting edge range of customised training solutions designed to control the cost and improve the impact of training within your organisation, ensuring all you staff operate consistantly and productively.

Why LA Intronet?

Quite simply,because we will save you money on Staffing and Training

LA Intronet is a Gauteng based company with a national footprint.

We are recruitment specialists and have different divisions to suit your specific needs.

We offer our services to a range of industries from financial to medical, IT to insurance.

We operate from executive positions right down to call centre staff and offer an executive search service.

We employ a full time pyschometrist.

Permanent, contract or temp staff.

We have an extremely well developed network.

We offer value add services including E Learning and Knowledge retention software solutions

Some advice to our clients before using the services of any recruitment company


Ensure that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of engagement BEFORE you recruit.LA Intronet Consultants are instructed not to work on any vacancy until the Terms and Conditions have been agreed to by the client.The fee may often depend on the relationship we have with the client and the client’s commitment to work with us.


Give the agency as much detail as possible on your requirements.This will help the agency narrow down the type of candidate you are looking for and so provide you with a better service. As a minimum, you should be able to provide the agency with the following: Job role, location, salary & benefits, job description (or if possible, a full job specification), start date and interview process. Some agencies also like to visit a client site, prior to taking on a role. This assists the agency in describing the company to a potential employee.

LA Intronet consultants would always prefer a Client visit before working with a client. This helps them get a good understanding of the clients business and helps in sending the right candidate.In the long run it saves a lot of time. Understanding our Clients’ business thoroughly also means we can “sell” the opportunity to the candidate.With skills shortages in many areas of expertise, you would be very surprised at just how important it has become.The more detail we have about a job and know about the company the faster we will be able to fill the position with the right candidate.


Ensure that you communicate to the agency when you are available for interviews, preferably giving alternative time slots in order to be flexible.

Although it puts pressure on our consultants to deliver, we prefer to get your future interview times at the time we take the spec.Some clients have so much confidence in our candidate quality, they allow us direct access to their online calendars so that we can simply insert the Interview times into them.

Salary Expectations

Many agencies will have a good understanding of the salary expectations of candidates in a particular job role and area. Some agencies also have access to salary surveys. Use this information to ensure that your offer is market-related.

LA Intronet Consultants are trained to advise you on this. If they feel that they can find someone who can do the job at less cost to you they will. That may save you many thousands of Rand in the long run. That is our job.Sometimes the reverse is also true. As the saying goes “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys” .If we feel you have not got the salary right we will let you know.We conduct our own surveys and gather our own statistics to monitor salaries across a wide range of industries.


Many agencies Pre-Screen and Interview candidates prior to submitting them forward for interview. This helps reduce the amount of time the client has to spend on interviewing non-relevant candidates. Some agencies will also conduct candidate references and research any breaks/lapses in employment.

LA Intronet does this as a matter of course. You will never be sent a CV if a Face to Face interview has not taken place. We guarantee our candidates and quality. It is what makes us good! (Recruitment companies that don’t guarantee a face to face interview first might get you a CV a little bit faster but place you at risk by sending potentially unsuitable applicants) We have facilities to take fingerprints in- house and do so with every candidate. We use a system that feeds directly into AFIS (Automated Finger Print Information System) which is the National Database used by the South African Police Service. We can usually have results on any criminal activity back within 24 hours if this service is requested. We have many other recruitment companies that send their candidates to us and we are happy to offer this Value Added Service to any of our clients as well.


Agencies very often have access to several different sources of candidates. This will normally include their own in-house database of candidates as well as commercially available CV databases. They may also advertise jobs on jobsites and their own websites. Magazines and local press advertising is also used to attract relevant applicants.

LA Intronet have their own well established network of candidate sources covering In House databases, External databases, Social Media and a host of others.We literally have access to millions of candidates collectively.LA Intronet is within the Top 250 Twitter users in the country.We have not advertised in the press for years. There were 1000’s of unqualified responses and it just wastes too much time.


In some instances, where relevant candidates are particularly hard to find, the agency may suggest running some “client paid” advertising (i.e. in relevant trade journals, etc). This advertising will be specific to the discipline that you are recruiting for and may mention your company, as well as the agency’s name. A percentage of the cost will sometimes be rebated from the final placement fee, should a candidate be recruited through that particular agency.

LA Intronet normally always covers the cost of advertising.
If a specific campaign is needed for a particular job spec we will do so in conjunction with assistance from our Traditional and Digital Advertising Agencies. In this instance a quotation will be generated for client prior to any advertising being done and a rebate will be offered on the placement invoice.


Our consultants will communicate with you as often as possible and have standing instructions to contact the candidate and the client within 2 hours of an interview.Without communication and feedback we cannot improve our service and our quality. Provide honest feedback on a candidate’s performance during the interview. Remember that honest and constructive feedback is beneficial for both candidate and agency, plus it will assist in managing the expectations of all parties.

Even with unsuccessful interviews, feedback is very important to us as it helps to identify better matches with new candidates that we send you.It helps us improve the service to you and again saves time. We get terribly despondent if we hear nothing. Good News is better than Bad News. Bad News is better than No News. No News is simply unbearable.

Some agencies operate a feedback mechanism, to allow you to rate the performance of the agency and your contact within the agency. Recruitment consultants are sometimes rewarded for providing good customer service; use the feedback mechanism to reward consultants that provide a good service.

We have a system whereby whenever we have spent time working on a spec, we will send you an e mail with an invitation to respond to an online survey.We are looking for all feedback. Both good and bad. We constantly strive to better our service. Our consultant’s performance is monitored and they are rewarded for going the extra mile.

Some agencies may ask for testimonials from customers who are happy with their services. This may be used to show to other clients, or display on their websites.The survey mentioned previously has the facility to do this. If you have good things to say about us then we really would like to hear them.

Guarantees and SLA’s

Agencies will often offer a form of “rebate” for candidates who leave within a specific time from their start date. This can vary from either a free or reduced charge replacement, or a rebate of part of the recruitment fee charged. This will be indicated in the agencies “Terms and Conditions”

LA Intronet offers a 3 month reducing Credit Guarantee for any reason. We take the risk entirely.Our consultants will cover the guarantee when discussing your Terms and Conditions with you.Many larger employers who use agencies on a regular basis set up Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs) or have Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in place. These offer various benefits in service and/or price, in return for a commitment of business.We have SLA’s with a number of South Africa’s biggest Blue Chip Companies.We are happy to discuss special terms and conditions or performance measurements with you and will tailor make an SLA to suit your business if necessary.We can easily provide references from some of our other clients if you so wish.

REMEMBER that the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Consider the overall package on offer. Quality of candidates, guarantee, candidate replacement terms, personal checks, candidate filtering, psychometric testing, assessments, skills testing, salary advice, on-site interviewing facilities, etc can all be valuable services that go towards providing an effective recruitment solution.


The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO) is the body representing the recruitment industry and has over 900 corporate members out of an estimated 3000 recruiters countrywide. They publish a “Code of Ethical & Professional Practice”, which has been developed to ensure that jobseekers and employers receive the highest recruitment standards.

LA Intronet have been avid members of APSO since our inception. We subscribe to and abide by all of their principles.Each member of our staff is expected to write the APSO recruiters exam, regardless of their position in the company. The exam covers topics like Ethics, Law, Procedure etc.The APSO Code is available to download from our website.We work closely with APSO to advise clients on how best to develop fair Service Level Agreements.

Let us find you top staff now!