Don’t lose out on the best candidates for your Sage VIP position

With Sage VIP candidates being in such high demand, it is easy for the best candidate for your position to slip right through your fingers without you noticing. High quality candidates won’t be looking for a new position for long, and your relationship with a specialised recruitment agency will ensure that you are put in contact with that candidate rather than having to spend huge amounts of your valuable time and money trying to track them down.

As experts in Sage VIP recruitment, LAIntronet can help you avoid overlooking your best prospects.

Don’t miss out on the best candidate because of:
Application overload

Your HR department has many important roles in your company, but having hundreds of CVs to sift through will put significant strain on their resources. These CV’s will have to be sorted for quality and relevance, and it is very likely that a promising application is overlooked or finds itself in the wrong pile. A specialised recruitment agency can take over this process on your behalf, allowing your company to keep functioning smoothly.

Insufficient expert knowledge for recruitment

Recruitment agencies have the resources and expertise to do a thorough check on potential candidates. With a flood of applications coming in, your HR department may not be able to assist effectively with the recruitment process and check all candidates efficiently. With top-notch recruitment experience, a good recruiting agency will do thorough reference and criminal background checks on potential candidates before they are sent to you.

Recruitment agencies can also provide you with relevant market expertise and useful information on the many aspects of employment law, fitting your needs to a job description that will attract the right person for your position.

If you need a Sage VIP professional, LA Intronet will ensure that you are put in touch with only the best candidates for your position. Contact us for more information, or connect with us on our clientzone.

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