Tired Of Paying For External Trainers? Choose E-Learning For Staff Training And Development

Tired Of Paying For External Trainers? Choose E-Learning For Staff Training And Development

Organisations around the world are constantly engaged in the process of equipping their staff with the specific skills and core competencies to meet their business goals. LA Intronet tells you how to utilise e-learning solutions for your staff training and development needs.

Why should you use e-learning solutions for staff training?

The following are some of the reasons why you should use innovative e-learning solutions for the training and development of your employees:

1)    This type of learning tool is very cost-effective, as you do not have to hire external trainers/experts to set, conduct and evaluate the course. Similarly, companies do not have to worry about travel and accommodation costs as the training can be conducted wherever your employees are – at home or in the office.

2)    Employees can cut down on a significant amount of their out-of-office hours, as they can learn or attend the course on their own time and go forward with it at their own pace. This is very important for any organisation, as productivity will not be affected.

3)    Apart from receiving the training in real time, participants will also have the option to retrieve information at a later time for more detailed review. This is not possible in a traditional classroom-based learning system.

4)    Through e-learning, participants can set their individual goals and milestones within the structured course that your organisation has set up. Unlike a classroom training setup, they do not have to be held back by others who may be slower at grasping concepts.

5)    Visual representation of data and concepts is recognised as integral to improving knowledge retention. Through our software and the utilisation of mobile Internet devices, participants are able to get the most out of this highly visual training medium.

6)    As participants will be using adaptive software tailored to their specific goals, our solution replicates the engagement levels of one-on-one training whenever they require it – something that simply cannot be provided in a traditional training setting.

Thus, make your staff training and development more cost-effective by using innovative e-learning solutions. Contact us at LA Intronet for more information today!

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