LA Intronet Makes Education Easier with Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning recognises the discrepancy between how people are actually taught and how they should learn. Have you ever been made to feel inadequate simply because you grasped concepts differently, took longer to achieve a certain level of understanding or because your strengths lay elsewhere? If this has happened, it is most likely because of poor quality, generic, one-size-fits-all teaching.

LA Intronet utilises innovative software solutions to configure an online learning teaching method that caters to the personal strengths and weaknesses of each individual. We acknowledge that everybody is different – so why should they all be taught the same way?

Adaptive learning means that an individual is constantly taught on what he or she does not know, rather than on information they have already retained. The content of the course changes as it progresses in order to focus on the personal knowledge shortfalls of the individual rather than simply playing to strengths and concepts they already grasp.

How does this benefit your business? It offers an individualised, targeted solution to staff training – a necessity in modern business and one that often proves to be costly and unsatisfactory. In order to provide organisations with a high quality, results-driven solution that is cost-effective and doesn’t affect productivity, LA Intronet is offering customised learning solutions with the following benefits:

  • No external consultant fees. Outside consultants are expenses of the past, as all training is done online through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • No venue costs. Staff do not need to assemble together, as all necessary information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time by learners.
  • No out of office time costs. Learners do not have to leave the office for external training seminars that result in lost productivity and work backlogs. In addition, real time reports on progress are sent directly to management, saving time.

Arguably the greatest benefit of this training is that businesses experience increased productivity – and a productive workforce inevitably means a better business.

At LA Intronet, our adaptive learning specialists and our cutting-edge software configures a bespoke system suited to individual requirements. Our technology includes:

aNewSpring – The Adaptive Learning Platform

Easy Generator – Adaptive Learning Authoring Software

Our aim is to ensure that adaptive learning is accessible to more South African businesses by making it more affordable and easy to use. We have eliminated capital costs, as content can be developed and uploaded to client specifications by the client themselves. It is that easy to use.

Why should you choose LA Intronet to meet your adaptive learning requirements?

One of our main principles is that that the Internet should be used to empower and educate people. We strive to make our services more affordable and therefore accessible, helping to stay true to our driving principle.

Our software involves multimedia and multiple-choice questions that engage learners in an interactive experience, contributing to the immersive nature of the adaptive learning solution.

If you’re still unconvinced as to how partnering with LA Intronet will help your company to reach new levels, then consider the following. Our adaptive learning solutions will help you to:

  • Measure the individual progress of each student to see if there are any areas they are struggling or grappling with.
  • Cut your training costs by a huge percentage.
  • Help your staff to improve their knowledge and expertise in key areas.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency in your organisation.
  • Make the learning process far more efficient
  • Cut learning time

Further benefits of our adaptive learning solution

By investing in our adaptive learning tools, you can now effectively streamline your operations by ensuring that all of your staff masters the key areas of their roles and grasp your company’s internal processes.

You can create your own besoke courses to suit your own companies needs far more cost effectively

Why LA Intronet is the best option? 

  • Sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software
  • Assistance with configuring a system that suits the bespoke requirements of your company
  • Many years’ experience to your benefit
  • Complete cloud solution
  • Dedicated, professional and experienced staff at the ready
  • Unmatched customer service

Now you have found more information about our adaptive learning and Adaptive Learning solutions, this is why you should partner with LA Intronet:

  • Your company will benefit from our immersive and effective adaptive learning tools
  • Makes it possible for staff to study anywhere, at any time using any internet-enabled device.
  • Tailored course content that is developed specifically for your company and industry

By negating the need to pay for external trainer fees, you will save on your training costs while obtaining positive results that will positively impact your company’s operations. If you’d like to find out more about our leading adaptive learning solutions, contact LA Intronet today.

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