How ELearning and Adaptive learning can benefit businesses and improve productivity

If you want to simplify staff training and reduce costs, adaptive ELearning may be the right choice for you. Training staff can be a cumbersome and costly experience. Many valuable business hours can be wasted without the desired results. As everybody understands and engages with new information differently, so too should the pace and approach to their teaching vary.

ELearning has changed to include practical aspects of adaptive learning and has been shown to deliver proven results and can even guarantee an increase in productivity!

With the proliferation and affordability of tablets and other mobile Internet devices in South Africa, learning online has become a more accessible and viable way for businesses to train their staff.

Here are some of the benefits of using LA Intronet’s adaptive ELearning solutions:

For businesses, training costs are dramatically reduced. This is achieved as:

  • There are no external trainer fees. Outside facilitators are superfluous expenses of the past, as all training is done online!
  • No venue costs. Staff do not even need to assemble together, as all necessary information can be accessed from anywhere by individuals at any time.
  • No out-of-office time costs. Learning can take place any time, anywhere, so there’s no need for your staff to leave the office for days on end. In addition, real time reports on progress are sent directly to management, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Possibly the greatest benefit of this training is that businesses experience increased productivity. Businesses benefit from staff who truly understand the information they are required to know, allowing for a more productive work force. LA Intronet’s software is developed to suit individual learner’s abilities and, in this way, it is truly adaptive.

Contact us at LA Intronet today and make a worthwhile investment adaptive ELearning.

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