Fee Structure 2015

LA Intronet’s fees for procuring suitable candidates are based on a percentage of the candidate’s total cost to company (CTC) annual salary. We call this the base rate and it is usually pegged at 15% for permanent staff and 20% for contract staff. Temps are charged out at an hourly rate and the fees are not based on annual CTC salary.

Our fees are very competitive and are often negotiable, depending on the relationship that we have with the client. We offer a great package of performance and loyalty discounts.

Your consultant will discuss a fee structure directly with you. It is always our intention to have a rewarding and long term relationship with all our clients, and generally we manage to achieve this by offering our clients best value, which not only covers fees but quality of candidates, speed of service and value add products.

The fee will be calculated on the total annual Cost to Company (CTC) package paid to the employee. The fee is due, owing and payable on commencement of employment of a candidate with an Employer.

Performance and loyalty discounts

In order to maximise value we offer substantial discounts to clients on the following basis

  1. Performance Discount
    1. Clients who work effectively and who make an offer to a candidate within a two week period from receiving the first CV from us will be given a 30% discount on the base rate.
  2. Loyalty Discounts
    1. Clients who use our services regularly will receive large loyalty discounts on the base rate based on the number of candidates we place with them.
      1. 2nd Candidate – 10% discount
      2. 3rd Candidate – 20 % discount
      3. 4th Candidate – 30% discount
      4. 5th Candidate – 40% discount
      5. 6th or More Candidates – 50% discount
  3. Multi Service Discounts
    1. Clients who use any of our Adaptive Learning Systems are automatically offered a 40% discount on placements.
    2. Clients who use our Placement Services are automatically offered a 40% discount on the Adaptive Learning Platform Set up fees.
  4. Retainer Option
    1. To accommodate cash flow clients may prefer to pay a monthly retainer by way of monthly debit order for 12 months.
    2. This is a flat fee non refundable fee of R10 000.00 per month and will be offset against placements
    3. This option will attract a discount of 50% on the base rate.
  5. Conditions
    1. A maximum discount of 50% applies
    2. Discounts apply to permanent positions only
    3. If a base rate of less than 15% is agreed to upfront, loyalty discounts will be capped.


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