How LA Intronet’s E-learning solutions can slash your training costs

Every company acknowledges the need for and value of effective training for their staff. However, it doesn’t come cheap. E-learning solutions from LA Intronet will change this and have already done so by becoming the sole regional representatives of a New Spring software.

This innovative e-learning solution allows companies to configure a training system that will meet the bespoke requirements of their training demands. There are various ways in which this answer to internet learning demands will lighten the burden on your company and cut your training costs:

  • Cloud-based system: Because the aNewSpring software system is completely cloud-based, there is absolutely no need to pay for expensive hardware and software or pay for its expensive upkeep and maintenance.
  • Pay as you go system: Using our pay as you go payment system, you stay in control of the costs. There isn’t any capital costs and your investment is based on the number of users.
  • All inclusive option: The implementation of the system, configuration and course development fees are all built into the monthly subscription, further reducing the fees.
  • Ongoing training: LA Intronet will also assist in teaching you how to manage your own system to further help with reducing costs.

These are only a few of the ways in which aNewSpring’s E-training solution will help to save you money on your training costs. The incredible flexibility that your staff will enjoy by being able to study anywhere, at any time using any device, will pay off in spades.

Customer course content will also be developed specifically for your organisation according to the look and feel of your company. We are passionate about the success of our customers and are entirely invested in providing you with an affordable and effective E-learning solution. Contact LA Intronet to learn more about our innovative training solutions.

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