Innovative Adaptive Learning Solutions from LA Intronet

Modern day businesses in South Africa realise the importance and need for comprehensive, effective and affordable training for their staff. More and more companies are waking up to the many benefits that technology has to offer, with innovative Adaptive Learning solutions gaining traction in mainstream business. LA Intronet are the sole regional representatives of one such solution, aNewSpring software.

We will work hard to help you develop and configure an adaptive learning system that will suit the requirements and demands of your company. Being a completely cloud-based Adaptive Learning system, there is no need to budget for any expensive software or hardware.

It is also possible to opt for a per-user subscription, which means that there are no capital costs at all. You will only have a monthly fee that that you will have complete control over, all dependent on the amount of users you have.

Why trust LA Intronet adaptive learning requirements?

We have always been of the belief that Internet technology should help people with their learning. aNewSpring will work to automatically adapt to the requirements of individual students, making it an effective and power adaptive learning tool. It is also easy to create questions in aNewSpring that will effectively test your staff’s knowledge on specific areas of expertise.

Inherent templates are there to help you create questions, including multiple choice and multimedia options. This makes aNewSpring a fun and interactive Adaptive Learning experience for everyone involved.

Here are only a few more ways in which partnering with LA Intronet for the innovative aNewSpring Adaptive Learning solution will benefit your organization:

  • Drastically slash your training costs;
  • Improve staff’s knowledge retention;
  • Measure individual progress;
  • Increased training flexibility through targeted adaptive learning programs;
  • Revenue earnings and productivity go and
  • Opt for a pay-as-you-go option to control costs.

Now you have found more information about our adaptive learning and Adaptive Learning solutions, this is why you should partner with LA Intronet:

  • We provide you with an innovative and immersive Adaptive Learning experience;
  • Allow your staff to learn anywhere, any time, across any device;
  • Tailored course content that is developed specifically for your company and industry.

Why LA Intronet is the best option?

  • Sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software;
  • Assistance with configuring a system that suits the bespoke requirements of your company;
  • Many years’ experience to your benefit
  • Complete cloud solution;
  • Dedicated, professional and experienced staff at the ready
  • Unmatched customer service

Why trust LA Intronet with Adaptive Learning requirements?

We are so confident that you will benefit from and enjoy aNewSpring software that we will give you a 90-day free trial to discover all the benefits that is awaiting your organisation.

By investing in this Adaptive Learning solution, you can streamline your operations by ensuring that all your staff understands the internal procedures and processes that make up your organisation. Your staff is able to learn anywhere, any time, using any device. Your staff may have to be careful about irritating trainers.

To learn more about our innovative Adaptive Learning solutions and how they can benefit your company, contact LA Intronet to learn more about our leading adaptive learning offerings.