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Corporate training is provided by most companies to ensure ongoing development within their organisations, but what use is it if barely remembered or simply never implemented. What a waste of time and money!

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The training process has to be a positive experience not only to spark renewed energy, but also to increase knowledge, maintain focus and implement what has been learned, all of which are major contributors towards any company’s success.

Why is training still done with a one-size-fits-all approach when participants begin with varying degrees of knowledge, learn at varied paces, grasp concepts differently and often need additional support? When it comes to traditional training methods, forget the huge costs associated with time away from the workplace, but perhaps most profoundly, how much is actually taken in and retained?

An emerging trend in corporate training is the ability to adapt to an individual’s training needs.

This process of adaptive learning, includes the way training is conducted, what content is

available on a personalized basis, how knowledge is transferred to participants, when and where training is carried out and allows for easy collaboration amongst students and trainers. It is a slick and highly efficient method of achieving measured results far more effectively, especially when it comes to providing your staff with bespoke and meaningful content or even streamlining the way you deliver “off the shelf” content.

Our advanced Smart Adaptive Learning Solution is something that many leading organizations worldwide are starting to cotton on to. We guarantee a far more effective return on your training budget.

Call Paul Fitchet on 011 234 1159 or email to find out how we can guarantee a far more effective return on your training budgetJoin the learning revolution!

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