Kick start your 2018 recruitment now

Can you believe it is almost time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a brand new year? As the last quarter of 2017 is upon us, it’s time for you to start gearing up for 2018 staffing strategies. Even though you may think you still have ample time for 2018 recruitment implementation, we as recruiters feel the need to tell you a little secret about a problem we see every year, time and time again…

Next years recruitment needs to happen the year before. You don’t have time. The last quarter of the year is the most fragile time.

I am quite sure you realized by now how important this last quarter of the year is. Next year’s plans need to be fine tuned and your plans and strategies cannot be a mere after thought anymore. The necessity of recruitment for next year is a fragile and tricky one. You need to consider that not only is your organization planning for next year, so are staff and the job search is already in full swing, both from job seekers and employers.

How can you use the last quarter of 2017 to swing smoothly into your 2018 staffing plans?

Use the time you have…

In the last quarter, use this time to really dig deep into your organizations recruitment plans. Spend some extra time really thinking hard about what roles need to be filled, how these roles will impact your organisation both long term and short term. Once you have gathered this insight, match this insight to the skills and personalities that are most necessary to fill these roles. One of the most important factors to remember right now, is to consider that critical skills such as Developers, Sage experts, and IT specialists are a rare and unique skill. It takes recruiters extra time and an extensive amount of searching in order to find candidates who best fill these roles.

Is it already too late?

Not yet, but time is of the essence for 2018 staffing plans. Consider kick starting your recruitment 2-3 months BEFORE 2018 starts so you can really drill deep into the candidates we find for you. Instead running against the clock and risk hiring for the sake of filling a seat, starting the 2018 recruitment process now means you can recruit the smart way. Once again, most of the roles needed in the IT and Finance sectors are intricate and often complex to search for, so time is of the essence. Remember that the skills shortage issue in South Africa means that finding the candidate who can fill the role you need is considerably more intense and requires dedicated searching time.

Consider the candidate end of year plans…

Keep in mind the candidate may have already organized their end of year personal and career plans. They may have already scheduled and booked holiday accommodation, therefore consider adapting your leave policy in order to meet the candidates requirements. This will not only help you plan for 2018 but shows potential candidates that your company culture is one of flexibility and consideration.

While we know you are thinking long and hard about the December holidays and counting down the days until your leave starts, remember that once 2018 swings in, it’s swings in hard and at lightening speed. At LAIntronet we want to ensure your 2018 starts off in the smoothest possible way, so let’s recruit smart and start the search for your perfect candidate before the rush of 2018.


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