Learning technology evolves at a rapid pace.

Personalised learning, on line, on demand software that adapts uniquely to each learners abilities.

In the past few years, information technology has grown at a very rapid pace and online learning technology has not been left behind. I am currently on an exploratory trip to Europe and I amazed at the advanced learning technology now on offer at a fraction of the cost it was a few years ago.

Learner management systems are old news. Mostly they require expensive IT investment, considerable time wasting and usually require very costly consultant support to help training staff and content designers upload all the necessary bits and pieces. Well that is now a thing of the past.

SAAS and BYOD are the new buzz words in Europe. Software as a service and bring your own device. The big merger of cloud based computing making online products available across all devices, on demand whenever you want. No need for one to be tied into the corporate network any longer. No software purchases, just manageable subscriptions or even better, pay per use products.

LA Intronet are very pleased to have been appointed the sole Southern African partners to aNewSpring, who produce adaptive learning software. They have recently been endorsed by the Bill Gates Foundation as providing one of the best learning software products available in the world and within the top 6 supplier’s of adaptive platforms.

The adaptive algorithms within aNewSpring means that only content that the learner is unsure of is presented as learning material. That saves a huge amount of time. No need to work through content that is already known. That process coupled to an excellent knowledge retention system makes the aNewSpring learning experience exceptionally unique, highly efficient and incredibly cost effective.

If you offer training services, we would like to work with you. If you are interested in hearing how we can reduce your training costs and drastically improve learning productivity let me know.

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