Trust us to recruit for insurance vacancies and health vacancies

We pride ourselves on recruiting only the most highly-qualified candidates for health vacancies and insurance vacancies. We understand that HR staffs are very busy and the recruitment process is often a full-time job, and selecting a candidate that isn’t the best for the position ends up costing you time and money in the end.

Our recruitment process includes:

  • Having a good understanding of salary expectations in order to ensure a client’s offer is market-related
  • Pre-screening and pre-interviewing candidates before sending them to a client for an interview
  • Selecting individuals from different candidate resources including in-house databases, external databases, social media and more
  • Suggesting “client paid” advertising in relevant trade journals if a specific candidate is particularly difficult to find

Selecting a recruitment agency for health vacancies and insurance vacancies

Ensure that the agency is involved in every step of the process, especially after you have selected a candidate you plan to employ. Also, don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback to the recruitment agency – without your honest feedback, they won’t be able to select better, highly-qualified candidates. If you’re happy with the recruitment services you received, you may be asked to provide a testimonial for the company.

At LA Healthnet we work diligently to find you the very best candidates. If you’re an employer with health vacancies and/or insurance vacancies looking for the ideal people to fill them, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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