Save on staff training costs this New Year through online learning

Did you know that there are online staff training programmes available from LA Intronet that are incredibly convenient, very cost-efficient and just as good as in-person training sessions? At LA Intronet we know that business owners as well as their staff are all busy; it’s hard to find time in the day for everyone to get together for a meeting, much less for an entire training session! Our online learning solutions are ideal because they’re affordable, you aren’t required to be on-site at a particular place and we’re still able to deliver excellent results that help you improve.

There are many benefits of LA Intronet’s online-based staff training:

  • Cut training costs immediately. There’s no venue cost, no external trainer fee and no out of office time costs.
  • Improve knowledge retention. Each individual can learn at their own pace, we provide daily engagement, learning is adaptive and people will be able to implement the knowledge into their daily processes.
  • Meausre individual progress. You’ll receive a real-time report measuring progress, engagement and skill levels. The software we use is suited to individual learning abilities of all levels.
  • It’s the most flexible option. Online learning allows your staff to learn at any time on any device and the course content will be developed specifically for your company.
  • It’s pay as you go, meaning you have no obligation or contract. Simply pay a monthly fee and watch as your company begins to progress!

Today’s business environment is incredibly demanding, meaning people require higher skill sets yet don’t have the time to attend trainings. That’s why LA Intronet developed our online staff training programmes – to save you time and money whilst improving as a whole.

For more information please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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