Adaptive learning improves the way you do business

Every business strives towards success. The right team is paramount to this achievement, which is why training them is a crucial investment. Unfortunately, it can also be a costly and unproductive one. This is why more and more businesses in South Africa are turning to LA Intronet for an innovative and effective approach to staff training using their Adaptive Learning Solution

Different people have different paces at which they learn – yet, with traditional staff training, there is no variation to ensure that the fastest learners are satisfied while the rest of the learners are given more time and attention. People are assembled together and taught at the same pace, regardless of who is following successfully and how much they understand – and the result is often disappointing. With adaptive E-learning however, LA Intronet acknowledges this and offers designed software that specifically addresses this problem.

Adaptive learning assists staff to learn according to their particular abilities. With this system, they are able to learn at their own pace and, as a result, are able to learn thoroughly and retain knowledge more effectively, bringing your business real results and essential skillsets.

The advantages of adaptive learning for knowledge retention: 

  • By learning at adjusted paces, information is better retained.
  • Content is reinforced after course completion, allowing all information to be refreshed. This assists staff to remember it when it is needed and apply new skills effectively.
  • Learning online means staff can access information at any time, from anywhere. There is a daily engagement requirement, which allows for relevant, regular learning.
  • Daily processes can take on new meaning as they occur alongside the online coursework, not isolated and in a separate venue.
  • Tablets and other mobile Internet devices are increasingly affordable in South Africa, which means they are also increasingly accessible.
  • Course content is developed specifically for your company, making it a viable solution.

Why should you partner up with LA Intronet?

The Internet is a powerful tool for education and, with our innovative software offering, we can help your company to develop a learning solution that brings exceptional results. Being cloud-based, no expensive hardware needs to be purchased and no additional data security is necessary.

It couldn’t be easier to create questions in aNewSpring’s adaptive learning software, which will help to test your workforce’s knowledge on specific modules and skillsets. The pre-styled templates make it easy to create multimedia demonstrations and multiple-choice questions that are educational, entertaining and interactive, making it an effective, immersive learning experience.

In addition, this software will assist you to:

  • Measure the individual progress of each student to see if there are any areas they are struggling with.
  • Cut your training costs significantly.
  • Help your staff to improve their knowledge and expertise in key areas.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your organisation.

Reach new heights with innovative staff training solutions from LA Intronet

We are so confident that you will feel the benefits of our adaptive learning solution throughout your company that we are offering you a 90-day free trial. This can be used to become familiar with all the benefits that this solution offers your company.

By taking the plunge and investing in our adaptive learning tools, you can now effectively streamline your operations by ensuring that all your staff members master the key areas of their roles and gets to grips with the company’s internal processes.

By negating the need to pay for external trainer fees, you will save on your training costs while obtaining positive results that will impact your company’s operations.

Why LA Intronet is the best option?

  • Sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software
  • Assistance with configuring a system that suits the bespoke requirements of your company
  • Many years’ experience to your benefit
  • Complete cloud solution
  • Dedicated, professional and experienced staff at the ready
  • Unmatched customer service

If you’d like to find out more about our leading adaptive learning solution and the impact it can have on your company, contact LA Intronet today.

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