Training your staff can be a cumbersome and costly experience where many valuable business hours can be wasted without achieving the desired results. Adaptive learning, a learning approach where every course is customised to each individual, transforms these results into long-term benefits for your company. The premise of this learning technique is that because everybody understands and engages with new information differently, so too should the pace and approach to their teaching vary. LA Intronet can catapult your business forwards by using this innovative approach, saving you money and time whilst simultaneously delivering high quality results!

With the proliferation and affordability of tablets and other mobile Internet devices in South Africa, learning online has become a more accessible and viable way for businesses to train their staff.

Here are some of the benefits of using LA Intronet’s customised learning solutions:

For businesses, staff training costs are dramatically reduced. This is achieved through:

  • No venue costs. Staff do not even need to assemble together, as all necessary training information can be accessed from anywhere by anyone at any time.
  • No out of office time costs. Real time reports on individual progress are sent directly to management, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Businesses benefit from developing productive teams of employees who truly understand the information they are required to know, allowing for a more productive work force. Our innovative training solutions help staff to learn, the result of which helps you!

Our team of adaptive learning specialists have cutting-edge software to configure a bespoke system suited to individual requirements. This technology includes:

aNewSpring– The Adaptive Learning Platform

Easy Generator – Adaptive Learning Authoring Software

We now offer a per-user subscription module, which eliminates capital costs for your company and allows you to have total control over all costs. In this way, we’re striving to make adaptive learning affordable to more South African Businesses so that local industries can progress.

Why should you choose LA Intronet to meet your adaptive learning requirements?

One of our main principles is that that the Internet should be used to empower and educate people. We strive to make our services more affordable and therefore accessible, helping to stay true to our driving principle.

Our software involves multimedia that engage learners in an interactive, immersive adaptive learning experience.

If you’re still unconvinced as to how partnering with LA Intronet will help your company reach new levels, then consider the following. Our adaptive learning solutions will help you to:

  • Measure the individual progress of each student to see if there are any areas they are struggling with.
  • Cut your training costs by a huge percentage.
  • Help your staff to improve their knowledge and expertise in key areas.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your organisation.

Why Choose Our Adaptive Learning Solutions?

We are so incredibly confident that you will feel the powerful benefits of our adaptive learning solutions throughout your company that we will provide your company with a free trial. This can be used to familiarise yourself with all the benefits that are awaiting your company.

By taking the plunge and investing in our adaptive learning tools, you can now effectively streamline your operations by ensuring that all your staff master the key areas of their roles and also get to grips with the company’s internal processes and processes. This can be tied into measured internal key performance areas.

Why LA Intronet is the best option?

  • Sole regional representatives of aNewSpring software
  • Assistance with configuring a system that suits the bespoke requirements of your company
  • Many years’ experience to your benefit
  • Complete cloud solution
  • Dedicated, professional and experienced staff at the ready
  • Unmatched customer service

Products offered by LA Intronet:

  • Proven adaptive learning methods produced to the benefit of your staff
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Tailored training material for your company and industry

By reducing training time, you will save on your training costs while obtaining positive results that will positively impact your company’s operations. If you’d like to find out more about our leading adaptive learning tools and solutions, contact the LA Intronet team for more information.