Skills Development for ERP: Companies should be investing!

Companies are increasingly being faced with a shortage of IT professionals with enterprise resource planning (ERP) skills as companies face the challenges of ERP implementations.

In order to remain competitive, companies today need to choose ERP software that streamlines their business processes. However implementing these ERP systems requires specialised skills. Even the most skilled IT departments face challenges when implementing ERP systems. The gap between the skills of an IT department and the skills needs of a successful ERP implementation can prevent an organisation from realising the full benefit of advanced ERP systems.

For this reason, it is important that companies invest in hiring IT professionals with ERP skills or developing the ERP skills within their existing IT departments. Justifying an investment in ERP skills is easy if the costs of recruiting these skills or developing these skills are measured against the return on investment of the successful implementation of an ERP system that drives efficiency and cuts costs within an organisation.

The need for continuous ERP skills development

Regardless of whether a company decides to recruit additional IT professionals with ERP skills, or to develop these skills within the existing department, companies need to be aware of the need for continuous skill development. With continuous developments in the ERP space, it is crucial that IT professionals stay up to date with new software technological changes.

Organisations can benefit from training that cover new ERP technologies. Many third-party training providers will customise training packages according to the needs of an organisation.

Essential ERP skills

  1. Product knowledge. IT professionals with product knowledge are able to map the business requirements onto an ERP system and implement the best system to meet the business’ needs.
  2. Project implementation expertise. Drawing on the expertise of previous ERP implementations, an experienced IT professional can ensure business benefits for his/her company.
  3. Communication. IT professionals implementing ERP systems need to communicate effectively across teams to ensure successful implementation.

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