Step one for financial recruitment: be Sage smart!

When it comes to recruiting in the finance sector, there are a wide variety of skills that companies look out for. Some businesses want chartered accountants, while other businesses want new candidates to be familiar with different software, processes and accounting tools.

One skillset that has become increasingly in demand for new recruits to have is experience with Sage software. Hundreds of thousands of businesses now use Sage – from smaller companies (thanks to the affordable price of this software) to large, multi-national companies who are looking for a way to streamline their accounting departments.

If you’ve got a background in the financial industry and you’re looking to change jobs, it would be worth your while to boost your Sage skills. Here’s why:

  • Work in a smaller firm: Large financial companies aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. With Sage experience, you can offer your financial services and help a small to medium sized business take control of everything from their finances, customer relationships and suppliers, to their VAT, purchase orders and foreign trading.
  • Become a niche ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) specialist: ERP specialists are sought-after candidates. Certain Sage packages, such as Sage 300, are the ideal global ERP solution that gives mid-sized companies a platform for growth. If you’re looking for a new career challenge that involves helping a company accelerate business expansion anywhere in the world, it’s time to boost your Sage 300 skills.
  • Work in a multi-national company: Experience in Sage ERP X3, for example, will give you the skills and tools you need to work in a company that has global operations. Learn how to streamline operations and increase business understanding in everything from accounts and purchasing, to sales, manufacturing operations and customer relationships using this Sage package.

Whether you’ve already got experience in Sage, or you’re interested in learning more, contact LA Intronet today. Our expertise in financial recruiting will help you get your dream job today.

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