Supporting candidates to succeed after placement

Making sure our candidates are successful employees is an important part of our business

How candidates deal with the challenges of a new environment are often overlooked and can have a huge impact on the ultimate success in integrating into new positions and long-term retention.

handshakeWe have worked closely with two very experienced coaches to develop a unique Executive Coaching Programme exclusively for our candidates. Depending on individual needs, Karen Miedzinski and Stefaan van den Heever will offer Executive Coaching to candidates who are placed in your organisation.

This innovative value-add demonstrates LA Intronet’s commitment both to the client – assuring ease of placement and transition of candidates into your organization, and commitment to the candidate – assisting with smooth and effective transition into a new role and organisation.

 What is Executive Coaching?

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires (and stretches) them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (ICF Code of Ethics)

Coaching is not mentoring or giving advice. Rather, it is a process of assisting people to become aware of how they currently approach situations, and how they could shift their approach to open up new possibilities for themselves, and thereby improve their performance and their lives generally.


The Outcomes are individually tailored to suit the specific needs of the candidate.

The outcomes can address some of the following:

  • How am I going to maximise my strengths in a new role?
  • How am I going to identify and minimise my weaknesses?
  • How do I prepare myself positively in a time of uncertainty and change?
  • How do I build greater resilience?
  • How do I clarify and align my own expectations with those of my immediate manager and team?
  • How do I understand the requirements of the new role and how I will engage in the new role?
  • How do I build greater self-awareness and awareness of what is going on in the new context?
  • How do I read the environment and organisational culture and politics more effectively?
  • How do I respond skillfully rather than react habitually?
  • How do I transition more smoothly into the new context?


  • Ease of transition and integration into the new role.
  • Quicker adaptation to the culture of the organization.
  • Quicker integration into the organization which leads to quicker productivity.
  • Early identification and addressing of problem areas arising during the transition phase.
  • Quicker growth in the company.
  • Reduction of drop-out rate.


  1. Client confirms acceptance of Coaching Programme offering.
  2. LA Intronet places candidate.
  3. LA Intronet advises candidate of Executive Coaching opportunity.
    • All candidates who earn more than R 600 000 per annum will be invited to participate in this exceptional programme entirely at our cost.
  4. LA Intronet sets up Chemistry Session between Coach and Candidate.
    • Purpose: Check fit and alignment between coach and candidate; get buy-in from candidate to the coaching programme
  5. 4 x one-on-one sessions between Coach and Candidate.
    • 1 prior to starting followed by 3 sessions after
    • 2 sessions with Coach, Candidate and immediate Manager
    • 1 after candidate starts at the company and 1 close-out session
    • Purpose:  To get support from the immediate Manager and to ensure alignment


Sessions last from 1 to 1 ½ hours every 2 weeks (approximately)

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