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Adaptive Learning Technology and the recruitment process.

In the last decade online learning technology has grown at a very rapid pace.  I have just come back from an exploratory trip to Europe and I am amazed at the advanced learning technology now on offer at a fraction of the cost it was just a few years ago. Learner Management Systems are really old news. They require expensive IT investment, considerable time investment and usually required expensive consultant support to upload content.  All that is a thing of the past now and the development of cloud based computing makes software as a service (SAAS) affordable and convenient. Adaptive Learning...

Youth Wage Subsidy

So what exactly is the Youth Wage Subsidy and how can it benefit you as an employer?

[caption id="attachment_1930" align="alignleft" width="240"]Youth Wage Subsidy Youth Wage Subsidy[/caption] The Youth Wage Subsidy came into effect on 1st January 2014 and is gazetted as the Employment Tax Incentive (Act no 26 of 2013) In essence, it gives employers an incentive to employ young people between the ages of 18 and 29 by offering a subsidy of up to a maximum R1000.00 per month on salaries or wages. The subsidy does not apply to individuals who earn over R6000.00...

Sage ERP placements: What companies need your skills

Are you interested in finding a job in SAGE ERP? People with experience in this Enterprise Resource Management Software are able to simplify business financials, provide detailed business intelligence, streamline financial reporting and give business leaders instant access to important data in order to make the right business decisions. It may seem like your skills are limited to certain industries (such as the financial sector, mining and industrial companies and other large businesses), but many mid-sized businesses – across all industries – have started to implement SAGE ERP technologies due to all the opportunities that this software offers. Whether an organisation...

Step one for financial recruitment: be Sage smart!

When it comes to recruiting in the finance sector, there are a wide variety of skills that companies look out for. Some businesses want chartered accountants, while other businesses want new candidates to be familiar with different software, processes and accounting tools. One skillset that has become increasingly in demand for new recruits to have is experience with Sage software. Hundreds of thousands of businesses now use Sage – from smaller companies (thanks to the affordable price of this software) to large, multi-national companies who are looking for a way to streamline their accounting departments. If you’ve got a background in...

Find the perfect home for your Sage Pastel talent with a specialist recruitment agency

As a person who has excelled in Sage Pastel jobs, it is natural to want to expand your horizons and look for new challenges. In such a high-demand industry, you need your CV to be noticed first by only the best companies. Even if you have the best qualifications, you will need a top quality recruitment partner to help you stand out from the crowd and reach your desired destination. Advantages of teaming up with a recruitment agency
  • Companies use specialised recruitment partners because they are efficient, reliable and only present the highest-quality candidates. If you are looking for that...