The Story of Rice and the Cutter of Price – A Recruiters Perpective

Just imagine putting a business deal together – let’s say selling a bag of rice to the local supermarket.

First you go in and have a look around. Where would your product sit on the shelf? Who is the competition? What’s the pricing like? How much better is your rice? Would your bag of rice sell? What are the habits of the shoppers? Ok research done. It all looks good. Now time to start talking. Only not today. The manager is out again. After a few visits you eventually get to see the Manager, who likes the product but can’t make a decision. He has to speak to the owner first.

A lot of weeks pass, after many telephone messages and a number of e mails you hear that the man who is making the decision is back from his holiday in Athens. He has seen the rice, but wants to get an independent taste test done. Also he needs to see the a Certificate of Origin and supporting documentation from eight different government departments, together with a whole lot more samples. So you spend a great deal of time running to get all of this together. The shop owner is right. He needs to ensure he is getting the real thing. It has to be done.

With this finally complete, and the passing of a many more weeks, you get a call from the man who says he is fairly happy with your product but he does not like the cost. Also he says “Someone else has brought in some Thai rice which may be a much better product. I want to look at that before I decide”.

Clearly serious monetary pencil sharpening is required. Oh dear. “Well let’s get the foot in the door” you say and drop the price to just below economic levels. It is hardly worth it but you want the business and you are looking at it long term.

Ok then. Everyone agreed. The deal is done, the order is placed, delivery is complete, payment is made and everyone can continue with a repetition of the cycle.

Perhaps even a little celebration is in order.

Except with recruitment, the bag of rice decides it does not want to go to the supermarket any more.

The joys of dealing with people!!!!

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