Trending IT Skills: What are the latest valuable skills for IT Placements?

South Africa is currently facing a critical skills shortfall in the IT space, making it difficult for companies to complete IT placements. Some of the major areas where skills are short include application development, mobility and data analytics. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find employees with these skills.

Changes in the industry, including cloud computing, big data and a move towards mobile solutions, are increasing the need for IT professionals to have new skills in addition to their traditional skill set.

In addition to IT skills, many companies are looking to hire candidates with good communication skills, who are able to think critically. Critical thinking and good communication have been identified as skills that help companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Finally, creativity and the ability to innovate is particularly important in a highly-competitive industry where constant innovation is needed to stay ahead of the game.

Top IT skills needed today

  1. Application development
  2. Mobility
  3. Data analytics
  4. Good communication
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Creativity

If your company is looking for candidates with these skills, a specialised recruitment agency can help you. Many specialist recruitment agencies specialize in finding candidates for niche industries, including IT, finance and ERP. By handing over your recruitments needs to a specialist agency, you can save time and money, while the agency finds the candidates you need.

When you contact a recruitment agent to handle your IT placements, they take care of everything from sorting through qualified candidates to screening candidates, making sure you only spend time interviewing candidates that match your criteria. In this way, your HR department does not have to worry about phoning references or performing background checks on potential candidates.

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