Why financial recruitment companies are excited about the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013

Whether you’re an economist, a financial analyst or a financial recruitment company in South Africa, the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013 should

have you excited. This year’s forum marks the 23rd Forum and, under the theme “Delivering on Africa’s Promise”, this event promises to provide an important platform for regional and global leaders to renew commitments to a sustainable path of growth and development.

According to the forum’s website, sub-Saharan Africa continues its transformative journey from a developing continent to a hub of global growth. The region has an expected annual growth of 5% and almost half of Africa’s countries have attained middle-income status (which is a huge achievement for a continent that has been plagued with poverty for many decades).

The reason why financial recruitment companies are so excited about this forum is because it will provide new insights into the types of jobs and skills that businesses, government and civil society will need in the next 5 – 10 years. As countries develop, new opportunities are created and skilled professionals are needed in order to facilitate growth and change.

Some of the issues and topics that will be covered at this forum include the following:

  • Accelerating Economic Diversification
  • Boosting Strategic Infrastructure
  • Unlocking Africa’s Talent

The one topic that LA Intronet, a leading financial recruitment company in South Africa, is interested in is “Unlocking Africa’s Talent”. As experienced recruiters, we know that finding (and retaining) top talent in South Africa is hard. If you’re in the financial industry and you are interested in furthering your career or changing jobs, it’s time to give LA Intronet a call. Submit your CV on our website and let the financial recruiters start looking for your dream job!

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